#Save the Expanse

There are few things sadder than canceling a favorite show. However, there are few things more illogical than canceling a show that has 100 % Rotten Tomatoes rating from both critics and audience. I was shocked by the news, but after a while, when news started to flow, I understood the reasoning behind the decision. SyFy just wasn’t getting enough money to keep the “Expanse” on the air. They alone are to blame since they didn’t seem to be farsighted enough to buy streaming rights for the series and live revenue alone wasn’t enough to justify the expenses for the show that big. Alcon, the main producer of the series, is now in the tight spot. Finding a new home for the show such as “Expanse” isn’t an easy task. Their decision to sell streaming rights to both Amazon (US) and Netflix (international) doesn’t make it any easier. But, here are few reasons why the “Expanse” should be renewed and why some more ambitious streaming platform should pick it up.