GOT is, in many ways, lost

Iceland is a nice country. In the last episode of “Game of Thrones” we could see that. But, if we put visuals aside, we couldn’t see much. GOT looks a lot like fan-fiction, it’s not the same series anymore. Yes, plot is coming close to conclusion, all those threads from season one are coming together, but the storytelling is so bad and shallow that I really don’t know why I watch it anymore. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are pivotal characters at this point and “Songs of Fire and Ice” are finally coming together. Fan theories about Jon’s origin are confirmed and Daenerys finally crossed The Narrow Sea. However, GOT isn’t what it once used to be.

If we look at the pivotal episodes of the earlier seasons, especially those containing Ned’s beheading and Red Wedding then we’ll see how shallow and bad this season really is. Yes, we could anticipate “the blue-eyed dragon” at some point, but how he came to be is insulting for the intelligence of the average viewer. One of the stupidest plans I’ve ever seen – to capture the Undead and bring it to King’s Landing – is the reason why Jon and Daenerys finally came to terms and why Dany is one dragon short in the endgame.

The last season will be show’s conclusion, but after the last few episodes I’m not an optimist. Everything is badly written and predictable. “Deus ex Machina” is favorite plot-device now, and surprises and astonishment that made GOT so different from the other series is so far gone now nobody can remember it anymore. Some characters are plainly there just to die, but I’m not sure if that’s because D&D don’t know what to do with them or because they are meant to die on the original GRR’s plan.

However, it’s not HBO who is to blame for this writing catastrophe in this season. It’s not them to blame for the “teleport machine” so conveniently used in the series now, it’s not them to blame for the uncharacteristic plot twists (Arya and Tyrion respectively) – it’s Martin. His book is long overdue and without his writing as theoretic support, creators wrote fan-fiction the best they could.

Fan-fiction could be bad, that’s why I don’t allow it, said Martin once. Bad fan-fiction is what we have on the screen these days.

“Show must go on” – sang Freddie Mercury once. I wonder, if it knows where it’s heading. Judging by the last episodes, it’s completely lost.


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