“45 years” (2015.) – Emotional journey through life.


45th marriage anniversary is due in a few days. Kate Mercer (Charlotte Rampling) is preparing the festivities and her husband Geoff (Tom Courtney) is finding an interesting article in the newspapers. The article will stir the past and uncover some long kept secrets. In the midst of the preparations, the couple will have to dig deep into themselves and their memories to find what still bind them together. This, of course, isn’t an easy task and the journey will take its toll. “45 years” is a beautiful movie. It’s a slice of life, really, in which “the bright side of life” isn’t just an empty phrase. This is, more than anything, reason why you should see the film.


Andrew Haigh adapted the short story “In Another Country.” His adaptation is cleverly written and the dialogues are stunning. Rampling is brilliant in the insecurities of the old age. The story can be seen as it’s from masculine and feminine perspective simultaneously. However, “45 years” is more a feminine film. Charlotte Rampling is well deserved “Oscar” nominee and her performance is really one of the best in the past year. After the revelation in the article, the trust and relationship will come into question, and the couple will have to decide what is more important: their past before it, or 45 years they spent together.


Nobody likes to be second best. Nobody likes to think that, maybe, if things were different the chosen partner for the loving person would be somebody else. Clash between romantic preconceptions and reality of life is in the middle of the story. That clash won’t necessarily have winners of losers. It will have people who’ve learned something about themselves and about life. Nevertheless of the old age. You are never too old to learn.


“45 years” is another beautiful movie about the old age in this year. It’s also the second movie in which life is in the center of the story, and where people are trying to overcome their fears and insecurities. First is Sorrentino’s “Youth”, and much in the same way “45 years” is referencing the young age to find grounds for devotion shown in the old age. We all have crises in life, but it’s not how we get into them what defines us, it’s more about how we come out.


Music is also contributing to the nostalgic atmosphere. “Smoke in your eyes” from “The Platters” is the highlight of it. In a sense, this film have some of the feeling of Kurosawa’s “Madadayo”. It’s a toast to life, feel-good movie. Kind of movie the people would say “they don’t make anymore.”

“45 years” is a wonderful movie about that struggle. It’s very well made and it’s worth of your time and emotions.


RATING: 9/10


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  1. Dan O. says:

    It’s a subtle movie, but that’s why Rampling’s performance is as good as it is. Nice review.


  2. CineMuse says:

    Its interesting that you linked Youth with 45 Years; I missed that connection but its a good point. Thanks for a great review. Drop in to mine and compare notes. I’ve added you to follow.


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