What comes around, goes around in the scary road-trip of “Predestination” (2014)

There is something tricky about destiny. It can play you and you won’t even know that you’re played. Destiny can be vicious and in some dark SF movies like this one, even cruel. Be careful what you wish for was never more true than in “Predestination”.

Heinlein wrote a story on which this film was made. That should’ve been clue enough in which direction the story will go as Heinlein is known to make grim predictions about our own future. “Predestination” pulled me in a circle where everything repeats itself and after the movie ended I felt as if I was on some scary horror-trip from which is impossible to come back. Humans, all credit to Heinlein for that, aren’t capable of controlling their most primitive wishes and impulses even when they know that consequences will be catastrophic.

Difference between original story “All You Zombies” and this movie is significant but the message was the same. Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook are dynamic-duo in the movie. They are equally important for the plot which reveals itself throughout the movie as a deceit, trick so cruelly put on the characters, that we are bound to be either disgusted or very compassionate about it. Somewhere in the middle of the movie I solved the riddle of the plot, but still the idea was so enjoyable that I had to see it through. One of my friends said that the movie is complete mind-fuck and I couldn’t help myself to gloat. Heinlein does that to you. After his stories you are bitching while future looks dark and pessimistic. In Heinlein’s rear-view we are “zombies” incapable to create anything better with this planet. In the end, like in some cruel paradigm of original “Planet of the apes” we will finally fuck ourselves. That’s Heinlein. It could be hard to grasp if this film is your first encounter with a master masochist.

After “Daybreakers” and “Undead” Spierig brothers finally hit the jack-pot. “Predestination” is wonderful SF movie, one of the best in the genre in 2014, and Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook made the story emotionally interesting while I was pleasantly surprised with the methodical direction in important moments of the movie too.

In the end, time is relative. If as a temporal agent you don’t understand that, things won’t end well. But if, as in this movie, for change you understand the meaning of relativity that God help us all… You then have the biggest gun in your hands all we can do is just get our hands in the air and surrender.

Being a “zombie” (there are no real zombies in this movie, except in metaphor) is better than not to be at all, but if we’re all “zombies” is our existence worth anything?

“What comes around, goes around” would probably be one-liner review of the movie in which everything changes and everything is predestined.


It’s a weird feeling when you’re running away in circles, scared and the source of all that fear – all that horror – is always in front of you. Every time you look in the mirror.


Rating: 8/10


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  1. Dan O. says:

    Good review. It mostly worked for me before all of the sci-fi stuff came around later on.


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