Emotional trip with good pals : “Big Hero 6”


I like superheroes. I always wanted some of cool superpowers, some of the intelligence, cunningness and moral code they had or some of the cool chicks they hanged around with. I like robots too. Douglas Adams is mostly to blame. You can’t make robot as cool as Marvin and expect that I won’t fall in love with robotics. There was “I’ll be back” Schwarzie together with Isaac Asimov who was responsible for my robotic-mania when I was a bit younger. Robots are today’s prostitutes in comics and movie-industry. “Pacific Rim” is fun, “Transformers” are awful and I really didn’t know what to expect from “Big Hero Six”. I watched “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” the same day and I was thoroughly disappointed with animation and the concept. Maybe some of my expectations were affected by that. However, “Big Hero Six” was time-machine to childhood, brilliant cartoon and parody of the superhero genre together with some pretty cool references on SF classics.

Plot of the movie is fairly simple. We have a kid in the beginning and he’s participating in the illegal robot fight. “Reel Steel” concept, easy to grasp. We then find out that kid is a genius and he still have all adolescent shit to worry about. He has an older brother who wants him to fulfill his potential and get him on the true path of wonders and discoveries. That’s about it what is possible to say about the plot without spoiling the cartoon.

His name is Hiro Hamada and he’s a likeable kid. In him I could see mirrors of my own hopes and expectations. We all wanted to be cool, we all wanted to succeed but in most cases we didn’t know what is needed for the kind of success we dreamed of. Hiro will discover bad side of life in a brutal way and tragedy of that experience will lead to the formation of “Big Hero Six”. Animation of “Big Hero Six” is similar to superhero movies. There is action, there is humor, there are characters we can love and hate and there is a quest they need to do if they want to defeat evil. Simple plot, enjoyable enough, with spices of the references you can recognize if you try. Marvel and Disney produced this cartoon together and that is fairly obvious when I think of it. Disney’s fairy-tale style is here upgraded with superhero moral ethics and relaxed humor with touch of irony. “Big Hero Six” is wonderful mix of two giants of the popular culture and I can just cheer for more of that cooperation. Marvel is crazy enough to make “Big Hero Six” part of Marvel Cinematic Universe if they want. I wouldn’t bet against that move. Connection of the two (if anyone didn’t notice it until then) is made clear in an after-credits scene in which the most famous cameo character in Marvel Universe made an appearance. Thank you Disney. That was wonderful homage.

“Big Hero Six” shows us how “The Transformers” could look like if anyone tried to actually make them into anything more than an action-blockbuster. Slice of humor, slice of auto-irony and a story that makes sense and make us feel for the characters. Am I asking too much? I don’t think so.

Baymax is one of the most likeable robots I’ve ever seen. To make Baymax as he’s made is real touch of genius. Fat robot with intention to help and heal would never work as a superhero if anyone else made him. Disney and Marvel had the courage to do just that. And hell, I would like one of these in my home too. Other characters aren’t so cool as Hiro and Baymax but they are good supporting cast. References to “Stargate” are also more than welcome.

To summarize, “Big Hero 6” was animated film that made me feel good. It was a trip to childhood. Good trip, not like already mentioned “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis”, and emotional above all else. I changed all the possible emotions during this film. I was said, happy and angry in the same movie. I liked all the changes. I liked “Big Hero Six. Although it’s not my favorite for “Oscar” in the Animated feature category (“Tale of Princess Kaguya” is) it’s very well made and likeable feature that deserved nomination all good reviews out there. Highly recommended fun and great trip to some other – more heroic – dreams.




Rating: 9/10








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