Oscars 2015, first chapter: They are not there (“Life Itself”, “Gone Girl”, “Two Days, One Night”, “Winter Sleep”, Jake Gyllenhaal)

Oscar nominees are announced. We know who possible winners are, but this post is dedicated to those which are not there and maybe they should be. Of course, this text is my opinion about the movies mentioned in the title and the reasons why I think they should’ve been nominated. Since I haven’t seen all the nominees yet, I won’t say instead of which titles they should’ve been there but I’ll try to point out their qualities in their respected categories.


  1. Life Itself (Best Documentary Feature)

Lack of nomination for “Life Itself” is a surprise to me. With all due respect to the nominees I was expecting that the Academy will honor the memory of Roger Ebert, the theme of the film and the atmosphere of it with at least one nomination. Before the nominations, “Life Itself” was considered as a favorite for winning the “Oscar” or at the very least to be a close-second to “Citizenfour”. Lack of nomination is a surprise, but after I watch “Virunga” and “Finding Vivian Maier” in the days to come I will say more about the subject. Detailed review of “Life Itself” is available here.


  1. Gone Girl (Best adapted screenplay)

Another nomination I was pretty sure about was “Gone Girl” in the category of adapted screenplay. Although Fincher’s movie is lacking some plot points towards the end of the movie, adaptation of the book was done with great respect to the source material and direction of David Fincher has done justice to Gillian Flynn’s book. Lack of nomination for “Gone Girl” is that category is a true surprise to me and I think, with all due respect to the other nominees, that the one category “Gone Girl” needed to be nominated is definitely this one. More detailed review of “Gone Girl” is available here.


  1. Two Days, One Night (Foreign movie)

“Two Days, One Night” is a movie with strong social subject accompanied with great direction (Dardenne brothers), exquisite acting performance (Marion Cotillard, she’s even nominated in the best female actress) and carefully crafted atmosphere which is emphasized by wonderful catharsis in the end. I will review the movie in more detail in the following days, but lack of logic for the decision that this movie isn’t nominated in the mentioned category is even stronger when I consider the fact that Marion Cotillard is nominated for the best actress in the movie which didn’t even reach the shortlist for the best foreign movie. Something is terribly wrong here.

  1. Winter Sleep (Foreign movie)

Another movie which didn’t even reach shortlist in the same category is Cannes winner, “Winter Sleep”. Although I’ve already reviewed that film on this blog, I can’t help but think that subject of the movie had something to do with its lack of nomination. Maybe 196 minutes was too much for the voters to sit through, and maybe ideological message of this movie was too much for the conservative part of the Academy voters. However, this wonderful film of Nuri Binge Ceylan, which is in a nutshell novel presented on the screen, cultural study and character analysis didn’t reach the shortlist for the best foreign movie. Although, I must still see “Tangerines”, “Wild Tales” and “Timbuktu” but I am not sure that all of them are better than “Winter Sleep” or “Two Days, One Night”. I will happily reconsider that after I see all of the titles in question. Detailed review is available here.


  1. Jake Gyllenhaal for “Nightcrawler” (Best Male Leading Performance)

The last one in “They Are Not There” category is Jake Gyllenhaal whose acting performance in the “Nightcrawler” was truly memorable. Although I’m not so delighted with the movie as most of my colleagues, absence of the nomination for him just doesn’t sound right. Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch are clear favorites for me in that category, Michael Keaton is the third for “Birdman”; but I think that Jake was better in his performance than Bradley Cooper in the “American Sniper”. I’m truly sorry that Jake didn’t receive the nomination for his acting, especially because of his great consequent performances in the last years (“Prisoners” was also completely ignored by the Academy in 2014).

Honorable mentions also are:


David Fincher for “Gone Girl” as Director, 20 000 Days on Earth as Documentary Feature, Maidan as Documentary Feature, The Lego Movie as Animated Feature, “Gone Girl” as the Best Picture, Brendan Gleeson as Male Leading performance in “Calvary”, “Stations Of The Cross” in Foreign film.


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