About the “Golden Globes”… (2015.)

Awards madness is heating up. Golden Globes are over and in the next month everybody will be preparing for the “Oscars” as the final and the most important award of the season. I will not list all the winners in this text, and if you want you can see the complete list here.

The most important Globes went to “Boyhood” and “Grand Hotel Budapest”. Drama award for “Boyhood” was expected, but comedy award for “Grand Hotel Budapest” is a surprise. “Birdman” was favorite of the bookies, and Wes Anderson film (released in March of 2014) wasn’t expected to win. I’ve seen it quite recently, and that colorful storybook was very entertaining to me but it’s hardly the best Anderson film. After wonderful “Moonrise Kingdom” I was slightly disappointed with “Grand Hotel Budapest”.  I still have to watch “Birdman” to tell more about that point, but I was genuinely surprised with that Globe.

Richard Linklater won Best Director Award. That was as close to safe-bet as it could be. “Boyhood” is artistic project which was 12 years in the making and it is expected for the Awards to honor the fact.   “Boyhood” to win the best drama film is no surprise at all.

Division between comedy and drama, on which the Globes are so insistent is something that’s completely illogical and outdated for me. But in the context of “Oscar” predictions it is interesting because in theory it complicates things . This year, same as the last, I think that’s not the case. “Boyhood” is clear favorite for the most important awards.

Acting categories, however, were very interesting. J.K. Simmons to win supporting actor award hasn’t surprised anyone who’s seen “Whiplash” as his performance as Fletcher was one of the best in any film of the last year. Fletcher is a character whose philosophy will stick to you long after the film is over.  I haven’t seen enough movies to make a judgement about female category, but Patricia Arquette was maybe the best part of “Boyhood” if acting is considered.  Keira Knightley in “Imitation game” is not even close to her performance. Curiosity is for me the fact that, if we can believe to the Globes, we could be looking in another “Oscar” nomination for Meryl Streep. I  for sure wouldn’t bet against it.

Julliane Moore and Eddie Redmayne won main acting awards in Drama category. Eddie Redmayne was exquisite as Stephen Hawking, and (as someone who knows people with ALS) I can say I was impressed with his acting during the film. Julianne Moore in “Still Alice” is also a classic award performance of a woman suffering Alzheimer and that she’s won the award is also no surprise to me. However, Rosamund Pike was also great in “Gone Girl” and I would not overlook that performance when “Oscar” time comes.

In comedy category winners are Amy Adams and Michael Keaton. Keaton was widely regarded as one of the main favorites for the “Oscar” in the leading actor category but I’m afraid that he’ll stay in shadows of Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne, respectively. In already mentioned division preferred by the Globes he won the award but I wouldn’t bet on him to win the “Oscar”.

Foreign film is one of my favorite categories of the year. I’ve seen “Force Majeure” and “Ida”, both are on this blog already. “Tangerines” and “Leviathan” I will post in days to come, but i truly admire Andrei Zvyagintsev and I’m exited about “Leviathan”. It has good reviews wherever you look and I can’t wait to see it. “Ida” and “Force Majeure” are two of my favorites in this category in the last year and I must admit that I’m very, very curious.

Animated film “How to train your dragon 2” has won the award too. My favorites would be “Big Hero 6” or “The Lego Movie” but this was good year for animated films. All are good and for us all that is left is to enjoy them.

“Fargo”, “Transparent” and “The Affair” won their respected TV categories. That would come as surprise for some as well as winning of the acting awards by Billy Bob Thornton in spite of heavily critically acclaimed “True Detective” and its Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. I’m pleased. “Fargo” for me was more complete, better crafted and especially in the closure of the show, better made than “True Detective”.  I have huge problems with the last two episodes of TD about which I’ve already written here.

Then, “Transparent”… One of the shows I loved in the 2014. “Amazon” show that was so funny and original and I’m very pleased that it’s recognized. Funny, great, cynical… It has all. Love it. All awards won by it are absolutely deserved. We’ll see what will “Amazon” do with it’s next potential hit – “The After”.  Golden Age of television. In recent interview Stephen King said that TV series are like novels and movies come to us like short stories. That was never more true than it is today.

Last but not least in this text are my two favorites in their categories with great performances throughout their series. Kevin Spacey for “House of Cards” and Maggie Gyllenhaal for “Honourable Woman”.

“House of Cards” has changed the way we watch television and “Netflix” is to be congratulated on that fact alone. To get main star as Kevin Spacey to act in a show is stroke of genius. Kevin said that this is the eight time he is nominated and that he can’t believe he’s finally won the Globe. He deserved it even earlier.

Maggie portrayed with great patience and detail tormented woman in the cultural war of high espionage and business in the “Honourable Woman” and that she won the awards was very pleasant surprise for me.

I haven’t seen “The Affair” and “Jane The Virgin” but maybe I will.

Final remark, isn’t Clooney a bit young for Cecil B. DeMille Award?

All in all, “Golden Globes” went as expected in most categories… We wait other awards… “Oscar” madness begins… Happy predictions. Christmas holidays are over, but movie holidays are just in front of us.

Enjoy! I know that I will.


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