Few thoughts about “Emmy” awards.

“Emmy” Awards are over. Winners are known, losers too. Curtains are down and show goes on. “Breaking Bad” is an absolute winner, and the final season of Mr Heisenberg is awarded with “say my name“ Emmy. Is it justified is another question, since Kevin Spacey and Matthew McConaughey were in Mr Cranston’s category too.  I wrote about “True Detective” here already and although it is series with a rather disappointing end, McConaughey’s performance was magnificent and his role was without a thought the greatest male performance on television this year. So much so that even Mr Cranston said that he would give an “Emmy” to him. Walter White is an iconic character. I can say that without a doubt, and if you take into consideration all five seasons of “Breaking Bad” together with Aaron Paul’s Jesse it is well deserved Award for performance of a great merit. But, my problem is that “Emmy” isn’t awarded for all five seasons. Three seasons of “Breaking Bad” were very close to the best product on the television today, with “The Wire” one of the best in the history of the media but same can’t be said for the fourth season and first half of the fifth. Ending was long expected and praised, but even the end for me just didn’t cut it. It was expected, it was good, but it was not as great as it is praised. Of course, that’s just my opinion. We live in the golden age of television production. “Netflix” and “HBO” are writing television history with their approach to the material, national networks are following that path and time spent in front the small screen is more often than not in terms of quality storyline better than time spent in front of “silver screen”. “Emmy” Awards, however, don’t always honour that fact.


Other paragraph about “Emmy” Awards is sense of bewilderment. Who and why put “Orange is a new black” into a comedy category? World in which OITNB is in the comedy category would be some very sad and disturbing world. Maybe some of you will say that it is, but somehow I choose to believe that some guy who agreed to that nomination was just drunk, stoned or both. “It would be a great prank to put OITNB in comedy category”, he said, “and laugh while Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling are kicking some other prisoner’s ass”.  You know such a guy. “Pornstache” type of guy. On the other side of that sad, sad world of OITNB comedy is the fact that all comedy is put into “Big Bang Theory” for a few years now. Don’t get me wrong, “BBT” was great series in first few seasons but their humour is now pure recycle of the old jokes. Somehow, it hits the target more rarely than it misses. I still watch it for a pure habit but it certainly isn’t so good to be one of the best comedy series in the past year. Sheldon is great character, but he just doesn’t make me laugh anymore.


“House of cards” is also the reason why all “Breaking Bad” hype “Emmy” just don’t cut it. Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey gave great performances in that series as Frank and Claire Underwood and it really is a shame that they didn’t get any awards. Spacey’s Underwood is one of the best political characters in TV history, together with “West Wing” and Jed Bartlett. There’s still time for Spacey you might say, but Spacey, McConaughey and even “Newsroom” Jeff Daniels were better than Cranston in the past year. “Emmy’s” went to the “Breaking Bad because of the last season and not because of its quality in the past year. Hell, the only thing that is to my liking in 2014. Emmy’s is “Fargo” winning mini-series category.

What are the awards worth anyway, was the comment after I expressed my disappointment. They all still produce good shows with or without the awards and “Emmy” has the tradition of ignoring some, and awarding other networks.  However, it does remind me on 2003. “Oscars” and awarding “Return of the King” because it’s the last. Last season, big triumph on the awards. No wonder. Alibi voting. Can’t wait next year. Maybe “Sons of Anarchy” win some. It’s the last season too.

You bet.  LOL.


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