Broken Blade is Japanese anime movie series, made in 2010. I can see where Guillermo del Torro found an inspiration for his 2013. “Pacific Rim”. Action and storytelling, however, are very well made in this movie and as such they surpass del Torro’s movie by far. Rygart Arrow, the main character of the story is unsorcerer in the world where everybody are sorcerers. Rygart doesn’t have the possibility to manipulate quartz, element that in his world is common as an electricity is to us. Of course, unsorcerer like Rygart in such world is often considered unworthy and an abomination.

Plot thickens with overlapping timelines. In the brink of war Rygart is summoned to the royal court to persuade conflicting sides to truce. Will he succeed is for this text absolutely irrelevant because to do anything he will have to find strength within him to face old friends from his adolescence, and overcome his suspicions about the people that are surrounding him and mostly about himself. Problem is that the countries are at the brink of war and when ideologies are fighting pacifist like Rygart will have to make some hard choices. To be a pacifist in time of war is never good. Especially when you have ties in both sides of the conflict.

Unsorcerer’s role in the coming conflict will become the main storyline of the series, his relationships and hardships will remain in viewer’s focus. Action sequences in the movies are very good and robot fights are perfect but the most important quality of the series is the storyline that is character driven and sometimes it ties in in the most unexpected places.

“Broken Blade” is a movie series that any anime lover shouldn’t miss. It is better than most that can be found out there and if the chance present itself I recommend that you watch it and enjoy.

Crunchyroll – 1. ep


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